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We make building smart robots easy.

Robots are machines that need to sense, decide and act.
We make it easy to develop, test and deploy intelligent robotics applications in the field.

Neural Depth Perception

Using neural depth sensing, perceive your surroundings in 3D up to 20m distance, with increased accuracy in close range.

Environment 3D Mapping

Localize your robot and capture a map of your environment using 3D SLAM. ROS compatible.

Spatial AI

Recognize and track 3D objects in real-time for navigation and manipulation.

One Platform, Many Robots.

Popular among robotics engineers, the ZED camera provides vision to many types of robots.


    Last Mile Delivery, Agricultural, Security Drones.


    Underwater Robots for Data Scouting.


    Transportation, Agricultural, Retail, Security, Defense.


    Robotic Arms, Forklifts, Mobile Picking Robots.

Make your robot see with a few lines of code.

  • Video Capture
  • Depth Sensing
  • Positional Tracking
  • 3D Object Detection
  • Body Tracking
  • Spatial Mapping
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#include <sl/Camera.hpp>
int main() {
    // Initialize and open the camera
    sl::Camera zed;;

    // Create a matrix to store the image
    sl::Mat image;
    int i = 0;

    while(i++ < 1000){
        // Grab a frame and retrieve the left image
        zed.retrieveImage(image, sl::VIEW::LEFT);
    return 0;

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Why Robotics Engineers choose ZED?

Our cameras come with many benefits: a quick integration that saves months of tests and trials, low level control and built-in computer vision and AI technology for fast-paced projects.

Complete 3D Vision Pipeline

From neural depth perception to SLAM and 3D AI, everything you need to make your robot smarter.

High-quality RGB Sensors

Capture high-resolution, high-frame rate RGB images with best-in-class image quality that will boost your AI accuracy.

Works Indoors and Outdoors

Unlike active and IR sensors, the ZED camera is robust to changing light conditions and strong sunlight.

Synchronization of Image, Depth and IMU

No post-processing needed, all the data is accurately synchronized between the cameras multiple sensors.

Low Latency

Benefit from an optimized 3D vision pipeline that guarantees the lowest latency in the market.

Optimized for Embedded Platforms

Our cameras and software are optimized and well-tested on NVIDIA Jetson boards.

Success Stories

See how our customers use the ZED to build smart robots.

Ski Robots at Winter Olympics

ZED Powers Autonomous Ski Robots at the Winter Olympic Games.

NVIDIA Delivery Robot

At NVIDIA, Popcorn Delivery Robot Bears Kernel of Innovation.

OpenZeka Autonomous Rovers

Autonomous Rovers Race for OpenZeka Competition with ZED.

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