Spatial analytics to replicate the real world.

Camera + Software

A complete platform to monitor spaces on a new level.

By combining AI and 3D sensing, gather a higher level of understanding on your physical space to make more informed and effective decisions.

Multi-person tracking

Detect and track in 3D any person located within a 20m range of your depth camera and gather spatial insights.

Map-centric analysis

Model the spatial relationships between people, places and objects. Create map-based representations of the physical world.

Multi-camera fleet

Manage and merge data from your multi-camera fleet to create large-scale environmental monitoring solutions.


Detect Objects with Spatial Context

Train your own neural networks and start gathering your own spatial intelligence.


Manage your Space-Aware Camera Network

Use a modern, cloud-based platform, to monitor your live video streams, remotely control your camera fleet, deploy apps and collect data.



Increase employee well-being and optimize space utilization.


Improve operational reliability, efficiency and safety while reducing maintenance costs.


Detect falls and abandoned objects. Measure real-time occupancy.


Optimize traffic congestion and energy usage. Improve public safety.


Improve sales and optimize operations by analyzing traffic, paths and queues.


Improve and measure athlete performance indoors and outdoors.

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Success Stories

See how our users use the ZED to build next-generation spatial analytics that replicate the real world.

Advertima Intelligent Analytics

Advertima helps understand and boost attractiveness of physical retail stores.

Miro for Sports Analytics

Miro gathers athlete and marketing data at events using advanced 3D AI.


GuestKonnect provides VIP guest detection and identification for hotels and clubs.

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